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Getting Started

To Make It Easier For You, Here’s a Short Getting Started Guide.
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Have you setup your account profile? Make sure to upload a photo if you have one. It helps increase results in your campaigns.
Have you created a secondary password and transaction pin? You set one up during sign-up. If you ever need to make a change to it, this is where you go.
Have you purchased advertising service with a sharing position?
Not Sure What To Promote? Your own business, affiliate offer, your website, blog.. 
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 Have you viewed a minimum of 10 ads to qualify for sharing today? Remember, Unlimited Clicking Earns You Unlimited Free Advertising Credits.
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Have you referred anyone to use the services to receive 10% of their purchases?
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Questions? On The Account Dashboard You’ll See Your Sponsor’s Username With An Envelope Next To It. Click The Envelop to Email Them. Develop a Relationship With Them.

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