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Dear GetMyAds family,

the competition is in full swing and the race to the top is definitely exciting! Both Super Affiliates and professional networkers have announced plans to position itself in the first positions.
For news and updates:

Internal optimization of the disbursement process is finished

As you might have noticed, want GMA away from alternative providers towards the bank transfer, which has simple reasons.

Money that is 2pay4you and Payeer, can not be used for campaigns of GetMyAds making it dead capital of the company because the charges send for back and forth, just way too high – none of them would take 7% charges on themselves want – so not GMA.

In an internal optimization of processes occurred in the last few days to confusion because of the status of the withdrawal to “in progress” or “in progress” has remained virtually stuck. Although the payments were carried out, the status remained unchanged, which some members confused.

Status “in work” just means that someone has the payout in work and usually the money has long since arrived in your bank account before it changes status.
GMA made in June 1177 payments by bank transfer in an amount of 1.47 million euros and there were only 43 payments a delay – we call it “human error” and have no wild / creative story for … mistakes happen and we can assure you that this will continue to do so with the best intentions Sorry if someone is affected and we also do everything possible to resolve the quickly -. avoid it, however, can simply not.

New languages Important information and new features

Masses token activation from now possible!

GetMyAds it is important that truly understands every affiliate that this is NOT a mutual but a network. We see that many affiliates and customers do not activate their token.

To simplify the process of activation of tokens can be activated (at a time up to 1000) from now more tokens.

We ask you now to inform all customers that this option is now ready and that token to be enabled!

To make really sure that customers GMA NOT understand as an investment, is actually talking that sometime in the future (perhaps points to fall), tokens that are not activated after 2 weeks or 1 month, taken out of the PayBack , We hope that this measure is not necessary and that now everyone has bought advertising will also book.

New language: French

The landing pages with video and the site itself is so far done in French and can be used. There is in the coming days even a training video in the internal area.

The question is: Who do you know in France?

At what is currently working?

GMA receives practically every week new attacks by hackers and DDOS attacks combined with ransomware letter (Blackmail). This fruchten not because GMA is very well prepared, however, increases with time, the “quality” is therefore solidly built it to continue to ensure smooth operation.

The Premium Partner Program was setting up for several reasons again from scratch and will therefore be ready for customers with 1,000 tokens in a few weeks. Until then, this customer request with the bank only withdrawals.

Customer Statistics

By attacks from outside the statistics were repeatedly exposed to or taken from Dahboard. This was because ever new server had to be installed and thus had to be be completely relaunched many details in the system. There are, however, now be available to your campaigns by more stats gradually.

We wish you the best

GetMyAds team

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