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Since GetMyAds started with the PayBack Bonus Program, it has had a huge impact in the Industry. GetMyAds has made many things simple and easy to use for the customer. We are proud that we have come up with new Ideas and Innovations.

We would like to share with you what we are working on in the Moment fort he PayBack Program. As you know: Our goal is to keep the proram as stable as possible for the longrun.

The real innovation of a PayBack Program compared to a Revenue-Share Program is, that we are able to pay different Bonus to Members and this gives GetMyAds a HUGE advantage compared to any other company out there!

We like to support active Affiliates and Customers with higher PayBack Bonuses and give customers who just buy Tokens for Traffic a super attractive PayBack Bonus. That means that Customers who just buy Tokens and Traffic, will have a stable PayBack Bonus. But,the really active Affiliates who work hard to bring more customers and Affiliates to GetMyAds will benefit even more from the PayBack Program than Customers who just buy Tokens for Traffic.

We are working in the Details for this in the Moment but we think that it will revolutonize the Industry because it gives us absolute flexebility and stability at the same time because active Members will get more support and customers will always be happy with a great PayBack Bonus.

It´s a unique advantage in the Industry and now you understand more, why we call it a Bonus! We are able to support the hard working Affiliates even more this way while always keeping customers happy!

As soon as we have more Details, we will keep you updated! Please don´t ask for more Details from the Support-team becasue they also don´t know much more ? we will just work on it and we will keep you updated about this great innovation when it is ready!

We wish you all the best in your GetMyAds Business