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Hi Valentin,

Before we forget, ACX pays you very big money to
share ACX with others – you can make thousands
of dollars per day, just by sharing – see the
following page for details:


Thank You for being part of the team that
ensures that ACX pays, week after week!

Every business needs new customers each
month to stay healthy, and ACX is no exception.
ACX uses its affiliates (that’s you, also) to
attract new customers – and we reward you well.

So please feel free to experience everything
you can about being an ACX Affiliate at


Here’s an important Marketing Tip:

Don’t be too sensitive when you follow up – it’s not you.

Many Affiliates don’t follow-up because their contacts
raise illogical objections, don’t return calls, or keep
putting off commitment. You can’t possibly guess the
powerful internal struggles your prospects are going
through. They won’t tell you. They have too much pride
for that.

But they do need your help with the internal conflicts
that are keeping them from moving toward their goals.
It could be fear of not having the right skills or
embarrassment for not keeping promises. They could
be afraid of what it will cost or how much time it will take.

Let’s say your prospect is worried about the bills. She
knows she needs more money for “breathing room.” Every
time her children or spouse needs something extra, she
shouts, “We can’t afford that. Don’t you realize that all this
debt is killing us?” She’s convinced that cutting back will
somehow work.

She learns about the AdClickXpress opportunity. She’s
curious about making extra money. But silently she’s
worrying, “What’s this going to cost? How can I explain
any expense to my family?”

When you call at the designated time and leave a
message, she doesn’t return your call. You think it’s you.
She’s trapped behind her walls of resolve. This requires
your help, not ignoring her or getting your feelings hurt.
Don’t think about your issues and dream up things she
doesn’t like about you. Call her again and keep calling
until you reach her and have a chance to help her with
her problems.

It may not be fun, but it’s the right thing to do. Remind
yourself that every follow-up call is a human being with
a serious problem and a hidden longing to overcome it.
That will make your calls easier.

If you act from sympathy to her point of view and not
your own, you’ll know how often to call and if you need
to add that person to your “drip system” contact list. Try
to see the big picture in others’ lives.

Have the Right Mindset

You are the advertisement for your business. In a
traditional business thousands of people look at the
advertisement yet only a few respond. That doesn’t
mean advertising doesn’t work. It means it did work
for the few who were looking. In ACX if you attract a lot
of people who just want to try it out and a few good
people decide to really build it, you will be very

We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.


To Your Success!

Ad Click Xpress Marketing Team