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Hi Valentin,

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Thank You for being part of the team that
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Overcome those Objections!

That’s right, you have the ability to overcome
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Here are some answers to the many objections
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Objection 1: Why should I even start to try and
make money with such a program as ACX – don’t
people lose money on the Internet by investing
their money in these types of scams?

Answer 1: ACX is quite different than anything the
Internet has ever seen.

First of all, ACX is not an investment scam – it simply
uses the high excitement associated with making
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But ACX is different because anytime when it’s not
possible to pay out the expected daily percentage
to its advertising purchasers, it can simply
transfer those liabilities to a second part of the
system called the Panel System, which has an
industry-standard compensation plan, but with all
sorts of features that make it possible for anyone
to make big money with it.

Overall, no one loses money, and everyone makes
money – as much as they desire, because the
amount of money is not dependent on your ability
to recruit other people or find customers to buy
products and services, but on the amount of money
you use to purchase advertising month after month.

Objection 2: I’m already working in an MLM and making
pretty good money with it already – I’m also working
on Ebay and earn money with ClickBank, too. (keep in
mind, they are most probably lying to you about this,
because very few people ever make much money
in these systems)

Answer 2: The amount of money you can make with
ACX is much larger than any money you will ever
make with MLM, Ebay or the affiliate programs that
ClickBank makes possible – why don’t you start
with just a very small amount of money to buy
your first ACX advertising.

That’s enough for today – you are welcome to
contact the help desk with any other objections
you might be encountering during your promotion

We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.


To Your Success!

Ad Click Xpress Marketing Team

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