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Greetings Valentin!

We want to offer a sincere Welcome
to our Newest Members. We think you’ll
love what ACX can do for you.

If you are receiving this email, then
count yourself blessed.

It’s Getting Exciting at ACX!!!


ACX Search Is Surging Ahead

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Have you staked YOUR Claim?

Founders Club Deadline Approaching

There is still time to become a member
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Wednesday at midnight (Aug. 24) to
fund at least $500 in the Monsoon plan
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for one (1) share of 20% of All Revenue
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… FOR LIFE!!!!  That could be worth
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Truly a Chance of a Life Time!

Think of it like being on the ground
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By the way, Founder’s Commissions are
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Don’t forget that the Monsoon System
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Thanks for being part of the financial
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Always working for your success!

ACX Management Team


P.S. Here are some very important points we think should
be in every update we write:

1- ACX Monsoon is the best system ever – earn
5% per month, every month for LIFE:

$50 per Month for Life = $333 Initial Purchase*
$100 per Month for Life = $667 Initial Purchase
$250 per Month for Life = $1,667 Initial Purchase
$500 per Month for Life = $3,333 Initial Purchase
$1000 per Month for Life = $6,667 Initial Purchase
$2500 per Month for Life = $16,667 Initial Purchase
$5000 per Month for Life = $33,333 Initial Purchase

2- ACX Support Team is available 24/7 by clicking on
the LIVE CHAT feature. Our goal is to provide you with
help to make your experience at ACX enjoyable and
profitable as quickly as possible.

3- All today’s requested withdrawals are being worked on.
We will inform you as often as possible of any withdrawal
batches we have completed, as they happen – this will help
you request withdrawals for the smaller payment processors.
You can review these notifications in your Message Center,
under Support News – the link is near the bottom of on the
ACX Dashboard in the Member Area.

4- ClickDraw Winners are updated weekly – see them all at


5- ACX Management invites you to take the time to fully
understand ACX – the following documents are available
in the Member Area Menu under “Popular”:

What is ACX?
ACX Simple Recipe
400% Strategy
Patented Pay System
Take the ACX Challenge
Better than an HYIP
Better than JustBeenPaid
Manage Your ACX Business
Money Management Guide
Put Your Money to Work
Panel Exchage
Variable DSC
New Reset System
Start with Zero Money
Unlimited Earning Potential
2% per Day for Life
50 Ways to Save 100’s a Month

6- If you speak a language in addition to English and would
like to help other ACX Members, we are always looking Global
Representatives who will take time to assist members in their
“first” language. In exchange for help, ACX offers many
benefits to Global Reps that can add more income and
opportunities. Read more here:


7- We think the easiest way for All Members to Share ACX
is by using affiliate websites. These are pages that are
designed to introduce ACX in a way that people will want
to join you as a New Members of ACX. Take a look at
our newest pages:


8- Members who want to review past Email Updates,
please go to:


9- Feel free to give us your suggestions about anything:


10- Don’t forget to tell everyone about ACX – there is a huge
amount of information at the ACX Marketing Site. Plus,
posting positive comments online will always help too.


11- Don’t want to wait for your panels to pay out? Then
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12- Don’t forget this very important point – for the Ad and
Media Systems ONLY!

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Get the picture?

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