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Hi Valentin,

One of the most time-consuming things
you do as a promoter is following up with
the people you have worked so hard to get
signed up for Ad Click Xpress.

But not anymore!

That’s right, MyMarketingFormula has now
been integrated into ACX so that you can
e-mail your existing referrals in Ad Click
Xpress with just a few mouse clicks!

If you already have referrals, they are at


Then follow the easy instructions there to
e-mail all your referrals in just a few seconds
each day.

That’s right, ACX has recently acquired
MyMarketingFormula, as you should have
already heard – so now you can e-mail
your ACX Referrals in the Ad Click Xpress
Member Area by simply logging in to
MyMarketingFormula and choosing the
Business, Ad Click Xpress.

It’s absolutely Easy!

That’s right – ACX is doing very well, and it
has much to do with YOUR efforts sharing
the system with others – so all members who
do not have the time or ability to promote


ACX Search Founders Club a HUGE Success

Again, thanks to YOUR efforts, the ACX Search
Founders Club did very well to attract ACX
Members to helping finance the establishment
of the new ACX Search Engine, coming soon.

There is still more work to do!

ACX Monsoon

Although ACX Monsoon is doing extremely
well, it’s basically only due to the funding
of the existing members – so eventually
we are going to need NEW members to
help out ACX Monsoon.

This is where you come in!

But we pay you very well for your efforts,
right? You receive 10% of every purchase
they make and 5% from every purchase
THEIR referrals make – it’s really incredible!


Ad and Media Systems

These systems are also doing very well, and
paying an incredible 7% per day – that’s 150%
back after only 25 Days! And then you earn
another 150% from your free Panels you get
when your purchased Advertising expires – it
takes longer, but the Panel system is working
better than ever, especially due to the new
Panel Exchange!

And did I mention that ALL requested
withdrawals are paid within 12-24 hours?

Did you even contact your referrals yet?

Many people simply do NOT believe what
ACX Management says, they want to hear
it from their sponsor, YOU!

And maybe your referrals have not been
reading E-mails from ACX for months or
even years!

It’s time to contact all your referrals – they
are all listed at


And best of all, you can now contact them
all at once – simply use the new marketing
tool ACX has purchased to enter your
contacts and e-mail them all at once with
a great letter you thought up!

And now, today, MyMarketingFormula
makes it possible for you to e-mail all your
ACX Referrals in seconds, just by logging
in to MyMarketingFormula and clicking a
few buttons to submit your new E-mail you
just thought up – yes, a direct database
connection to your ACX Referrals!

Did you not hear the news about the system,
MyMarketingFormula being part of ACX now?

This system will help you explode your ACX
business by providing you with the necessary
tool to stay in contact with the people you know
online quickly and effectively!

And the price is right!

Simply upgrade your account in Ad Click
Xpress to either Silver or Gold so you can
E-mail bigger contact lists – or use it for
free, for up to 200 contacts!

You do have people you know who might be
interested in Ad Click Xpress, right?

It’s an amazing system specifically designed
for affiliate marketing and it has been tested
and working for years, for top promoters!

You’ll find more information on why this tool
is important on our Marketing Training site at


There are MANY reasons why you should
promote ACX today, and we even give you
all the tools to do so, at no cost!


That’s right, the promotion efforts we
are doing as a team (You and ACX) are
doing great – members are really enjoying

ACX is providing new ways to make money
more reliably, and YOU are helping by
sharing ACX with everyone you can!
It’s simply a GREAT TEAM EFFORT!

Do you have referrals who are simply confused?

Then it might be a good time to direct them to
ACX Monsoon – it pays 2% per day for Life,
so how confusing is that?

It’s up to YOU to SHARE ACX

That’s right, It’s up to the ACX Members how
well the four ACX Systems work – are you
going to help?

Your suggestions are always welcome at


There is a new affiliate website that just got
published for ACX Search, and it will help
you get 100% of the people interested in
making money online!!!

It’s an amazing site for you to use – just copy
and paste the link into an E-mail and send it
to everyone you know – that’s it!


Right now, your referrals can secure the
most popular keywords and phrases, or
any keyword or phrase they can think of,
and in any language – they only cost $1
(less if you are upgraded to Silver or Gold)

Tell your referrals to log in and secure their
keywords NOW, before someone else does!

Are you already receiving E-mails that you
made money? You will receive many more
to come, over the coming days, months
and years – ACX Search has the potential
to be a big as Google – this is not a joke!

We only need to share ACX Search with
everyone we know, and the rest will
happen fully automatically – everyone
will get paid, according to our comprehensive
compensation plan, to be published soon!

And if everyone gets paid to use ACX Search,
then why would anyone want to use a primitive
system such as Google or Bing, right?

We also have some very good banners
you can use to attract new referrals:


And here is a good Ad/E-mail you can edit to get
you started posting ads online:

======= E-mail Begin ========

Friendly Greetings!

Did you hear about the launch of ACX Search yet?

Google could actually be replaced by this system
if enough of us help out to spread the word – and
we earn paid big money to do it!

It’s going to be HUGE, and you need to be a part of it!

Here is where you start:


Let me know if you need any assistance.

[Your Full Contact Details]

===== E-mail End =====

Did you review the latest updates?

They are all posted in the Message Center at


If you have anymore questions, please feel free
to contact our Live Chat 24/7/365.

Did you already contact all your referrals?

The launching of the ACX SEARCH System is
already making the three existing ACX Systems
stronger – and more revenue means more money
for Members and longer times between Resets
and XpressShifts – this is talking about the Ad
and Media Systems.

The added revenue brings even more security for
the already fantastic Monsoon program – remember
that ACX Monsoon never needs a restart, and it
pays 2% per day for life!

Yes, there is a very good reason for the
launching of this new program, ACX Search…

… because it makes Everything Better!

We need to be telling our referrals the right
things each day – here are three things you
should be telling them:

1) It’s always a good time to buy advertising

a) Ad and Media System Advertising

It’s a good time to buy Ad and Media System
advertising because they are paying 7%
per day right now…


Special preference is given to those who
buy advertising shortly before a Reset or
XpressShift; for example, advertising is not
affected or affected LESS than advertising
bought at only 2% or 3%.

b) The Monsoon System pays 2% per Life, so
it’s ALWAYS a great time to buy – enough said!

Your referrals are always waiting for the best time
to buy advertising, so LET THEM KNOW TO BUY
NOW! You can use any part of this E-mail to
forward to them.

2) Use the Panel Exchange to Make Quick Money

The Panel Exchange is extremely active – it’s making
members who can follow simple instructions a LOT
of money! Here is a good story to tell your referrals:


3) It’s a great idea to learn how to promote online

Yes, encourage your referrals to learn how to promote
online businesses – ACX has a great website which
teaches people, and it’s free!


By the way, your referrals are all listed at


Yes, it’s time to use our team effort to build excitement
and momentum at ACX – more promotion of ACX
keeps us healthy and strong!

ACX can be very confusing for new people…

So reach out to your referrals and offer them
assistance – do NOT yell at them with your
latest offers – ask them if they need help, and
you’ll see a much bigger response!

As a member of the Elite Marketing Group, you
are part of the team that makes it possible for
millions of people worldwide to earn a lot of
money without promoting.

Always keep in mind, YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT AT
ACX, because a significant percentage of ACX members
need to promote in order for ACX to pay those members
who choose not to – THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!

We generally need more new members each week,
in order to replace the members who get discouraged
from online money-making and become temporarily

So let’s keep doing what we need to do – keep
advertising each day, even after our own personal
goals are met – so that everyone buying advertising
AFTER us can also earn their daily sales commissions.

Again, Very Important to Understand:

Remember, we just need a relatively small increase in
revenue each week to prolong XpressShifts for a long
time, so please do your part in helping everyone
reach their financial goals at ACX and start sharing
ACX today!

The Elite Marketing Group is the driving force behind
the success of ACX, so be proud of what you are doing.

Have a great day promoting ACX!

Look for more valuable information in the Ad Click Xpress
Member Area at


We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.


To Your Success!

Sales Manager
Ad Click Xpress

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As part of your Ad Click Xpress Experience,
you have been automatically included as a
member of the Elite Marketing Group.

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