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Hello Valentin Jalba,
Today we have significant announcements to make and we invite you to read all information carefully to make sure you can communicate it the right way to your team!

1. Security of your Account and Payouts

2. Premium Partner Program – Beta Phase 1

3. Inactive Tokens Update

4. Harmful advertising about investments must stop

1. Security of your Account and Payouts

We cannot say it often enough. Make sure your GetMyAds account is safe by having a good and unique password and also make sure your computer is free of any spy-ware. Never give anybody your password – our support will never ask you for your password. Take it seriously because we had again a few hacked accounts – these hackers request payouts and since GetMyAds is pretty fast on that, sometimes the money is sent before the user can realize it.

As regards affiliate commissions, we can always announce  newly updated information. GetMyAds will be making this month more than 9000 payouts with a total volume of over

4 million dollars.

We are sure you understand that we always do our best to handle everything absolutely on time but with these huge numbers there are sometimes insignificant delays, 97% of all payments is sent on time – in more or less then a week. The rest is simply human error , nothing we can do about it. Even we in GetMyAds are just humans who work hard but often we make mistakes.

We can assure you that we will make more mistakes in the future. We are honest- this is normal. The best you can do to support GetMyAds is to be patient with posting things in social media that others read negatively .

Pretty often we see posts about “Missing Payments“ of people who receive commissions 2 days after but the damage has already been done. You harm your own business if you have some doubts that you will get paid and make this a public issue.

If you have any serious problem, we have a great support team. Please do expect that it might take a bit of time to fix it but we will fix every single problem. Also keep in mind our support team are humans like you and me… they make mistakes like you and me so do not blame them! They do a hard job to keep GetMyAds running. Most importantly, what you need to know is: GetMyAds will fix it!

2. Premium Partner Program – Beta Phase 1

We are proud to announce the Beta Phase 1 of the Premium Partner Program for all advertisers who own 500 tokens and more.

In the 1st Phase, a selected group only will start testing it this week. The members who are selected will be notified this week. The goal is to test everything with these members and debug most errors before we make it public.

It is a big step to start such a project with such a big group of excited affiliates and customers. That is why we start in phases. The concept is simple to explain: Premium Partners can take part in campaigns in different niches where GetMyAds is active already and receive for 100,- USD 1 Token that will generate also 500 Clicks.

The PayBack Program is built in a different way. While GMA will run big campaigns and generate big turnover, the customer will see some stats and infos about this process but the PayBack Bonus will be paid at the end of a campaign. A campaign will run between 90 and 180 days. Since only members join this programm who already earn good money in GMA this will work out well. It´s also something new we try out in the Beta Phase and in case it will not work out well, we will change it. For this reason we start with a small group and we will communicate on a regulary basis with the members to make sure everything is fine.

The commission plan is very simple: If you bring a customer to GetMyAds who buys 1000 tokens and joins the Premium Partner Program (PPP), you arleady earned 6.000,- USD with this customer.

Under the Premium Partner Program, we need to have real experience first to decide how much commission GMA can pay out. This is one reason why we start in Beta phases. For now the system will not show any commissions out of the PPP but as soon as we can come up with accurate calculations, we will add this feature to the System.

The Premium Partner Program (PPP) are specifying campaigns that GetMyAds will be offering to prospective customers. Since the amount of tokens per month will be relatively limited, GetMyAds will offer a few campaigns with a limited amount of tokens. When all tokens are sold, these campaigns will be activated accordingly.

Since more detailed information will be released in due time, we can assure you that we can literally change this industry inside-out with these developments.

The expected time frame until we release it to the public would take about 4 weeks , until then we will add more and more beta-testers to the PPP.

3. Inactive Tokens – Update

We have already mentioned it  in every newsletter that it is important that you activate your tokens. It is also important that our customers understand what they bought, what you sold to them and what they can do with tokens. The conflict we have is that in some countries GetMyAds is growing so fast that it is not allowed to pay any bonus on a product that the customer did not claim. For instance, if you buy a token, it just means that you went into a store, bought and paid for it but if you do not activate the token, you technically left it back in the store. In other words, you did not claim the product and this can cause legal issues which we could have avoided.

This is an issue in some countries and in order to make GetMyAds a stable company in the long-run, we must force you to claim the product you bought and thus remove inactive tokens from the Payback Program.

Please do not misunderstand that, it just means that your Payback program will start as soon you have activated your token. The 600 days will start the moment you activate your token. It is that simple – nothing else will change. Just activate your tokens and everything will be fine.

4. Harmful Advertising about Investments must stop – RIGHT NOW

We find at the moment a lot of advertising with wrong promises in videos, blogs and on websites. These are promises about percentages and advertising on investment websites with displayed calculations and the like.

Please remove this information right now from the internet if you have any kind of videos, social-media groups or other channels that make GetMyAds look like an investment program which is absolutely not the case at all.

If anybody continues to advertise with anything that is related to investments, we will suspend his/her account and the chances that we re-open it are very slim because it is very counter-productive for GetMyAds if it continues to tolerate affiliates who are doing illegal advertising. Therefore, remove the content right now if you have anything online that is related to investments in GetMyAds. Please notify all concerned in your team right NOW!

You all do a great job. We do not need to make wrong promises to convince customers to join our great business! So let us work together, find and root out the ‘black sheep’ in our community to ensure GetMyAds will continue growing!

We wish you all a successful week!


GMA Team

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