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Greetings Valentin!

Welcome to our New Members who recently
joined ACX.

And, Welcome to all the former Members
who are reactivating their accounts.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the
Best Online Income Program ever.

It’s been a great week so far!

ACX Members are loving the 7% they are
earning in the Ad and Media Systems,
and the more conservative members are
sticking with the 2% from the Monsoon.

By the way, if you know someone who was
part of the “Traffic Monsoon” company,
they would LOVE ACX Monsoon.

It’s too bad that it was shut down… but
that’s what can happen in this business
when things are done illegally.

ACX Monsoon is for Everyone!

Just let them know that anyone can get
back making money with the ACX Monsoon
that pays 2% a day for life!


Founders Getting Paid

The ACX Search Founders are getting paid
their shares of the Search Program revenue
each day.

At this point the commissions aren’t big,
but check back in a year and you’ll be
VERY Happy with your commissions!

Members are Loving ACX!

Lots of excitement in LIVE Chat and the
Help Desk, with more people getting their
accounts reactivated.

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EVERYONE Wants Extra Money… and ACX
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It’s really happening!

Sales Revenue is increasing daily and
more people are funding their accounts,
reactivating their status, or joining
ACX as a New Signup.


Sharing ACX is Still the Best Way to
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It’s time to start using the ACX Pay
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Always working for your success!

ACX Management Team

ACX Best of the Best