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Hi Valentin,

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Thank You for being part of the team that
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Here’s an important Marketing Tip:

It’s important to really know your prospect.

Your prospect is looking for a reason to say “no”, from
your first contact, right up until they make their last
purchase in your business.

It’s really true.

Let’s discuss this some more, so you’ll start feeling
what your prospects are feeling.

Your prospect is being constantly bombarded with phone
calls, magazine headlines and pictures, E-mails, banners,
Television ads and anything else marketing people can
think up – now-a-days, even SMS messages!

So when your prospect sees the headline of your e-mail – if
the subject line you are using says “one wrong thing”,

Your E-mail gets DELETED

It goes very fast and impersonal – your E-mail is gone
forever from your prospect’s inbox!

Now let’s say your E-mail gets opened – congratulations! Now
your prospect is looking for the next “wrong word” you
decided to include in your E-mail (good reason to keep them
short and to the point), and if they find it, yes,

Your E-mail gets DELETED!

But it goes on…

So you actually got them to visit your web site – congratulations
again! Most people never get this far, right? So now your
prospect is looking for words they have heard before, words
that remind them of bad experiences they’ve had, etc. And if
they find these words, they leave your site in a big hurry!

No E-mail back from you or from company support? Your
prospect is gone!

Slightly overpriced products and services – gone!

What can you do about this?

Well it’s not that easy, but here are some good tips – use
them to refine your marketing funnel:

  • first, operate a popular business, one that is easy to sell
  • keep your subject lines and headlines believable
  • be your prospect’s friend – don’t yell at them with your offers
  • keep your E-mails short and to the point
  • start a dialog with your prospect – encourage them to contact you
  • start slow with smaller, simpler sales and up-sell later
  • use good persuasion techniques, to pull them out of their comfort zone

Good luck, and welcome to the world of online sales!

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