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Hi Valentin,

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Thank You for being part of the team that
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Here’s an important Marketing Tip:

Question: What daily routine sounds better to

1) You spend hours and hours posting your ads on
web sites, having no idea where exactly your
visitors are coming from – then you go exhausted
to bed, looking forward to the next day of doing
the same.

2) You know which web sites bring great results,
so you just spend 5-10 minutes to post your ad at
your favorite two sites – then you take the rest
of the day off.

Routine number 2) is absolutely possible, provided
you KNOW where to spend your time advertising –
but you must know which advertising sites work
well, and which do not.

Knowing which advertising methods work is not
difficult – it can be done by simply using a
third-party ad tracking system – there are many
available on the web.

Always track your advertising success – and that
means every single time you post your affiliate
web site!

More information about using the built-in ad
tracking codes of Ad Click Xpress is found at


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We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.


To Your Success!

Ad Click Xpress Marketing Team

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