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Greetings Valentin!

We want to Welcome our New Members!

It’s looking like another successful
week at ACX.

We only need a little more revenue
generated each week, according to the
ACX Simple Recipe, to keep paying on
time each day:


NOTE: The Monsoon Plan is exempt and
NEVER needs more revenue each week to
keep going.

PLUS, there is never a reason for a
restart. It’s Amazing!


Increasing Weekly Revenue is Important

ACX generates more revenue each week
when existing members spend more money,
AND when they find New Members to join us.

ACX Members are very happy… especially
when they “TAKE ACTION” every day!

Do the Two Most Important Activities Each Day!

1 – ALWAYS buy as many Advertising Packs
in either of the three pay system as
you can afford EACH WEEK!


2 – TAKE every opportunity to SHARE ACX
with everyone you know or meet!


Grow your Daily Sales Commissions (DSC)
by doing these two activities daily!

Are you excited? We hope so. Now tell
everyone you know … that Now Is The
Time for ACX Members to Succeed!

There is no reason why you and your
Referrals won’t make money at ACX.

We are here to help YOU reach your goals!


It’s Time to Make MORE Money Each Day!

Always working for your success!

ACX Management Team