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Hi Valentin,

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Thank You for being part of the team that
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Here’s an important Marketing Tip:

Join forums and social networking groups.

First, do a search for failed or failing programs,
which have members voicing despair and complaints.

Then, look back in time for when the program was
most active, to find the most vocal and helpful
members. This group of forum members are the
obvious leaders, and will bring their loyal
followers with them, building your 2nd Level
referral base.

It’s a good idea to send the leader of the group a
private message, asking them about their program
and if it is working for them, and what they are
up to now. By showing sincere interest in what
they are currently interested in will make them
more comfortable talking to you.

Give the leader your Skype and/or phone contact
information and arrange for a call. During the
call, its very important to be a good listener,
picking up on what their goals are, what
shortcomings they may have. Offer them your own
alternative advertising venue and money making
opportunities, with genuine interest in helping
them be successful.

Good luck!

We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.


To Your Success!

Ad Click Xpress Marketing Team

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