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Hi Valentin,

Before we forget, ACX pays you very big money to
share ACX with others – you can make thousands
of dollars per day, just by sharing – see the
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Thank You for being part of the team that
ensures that ACX pays, week after week!

Every business needs new customers each
month to stay healthy, and ACX is no exception.
ACX uses its affiliates (that’s you, also) to
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So please feel free to experience everything
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Here’s an important Marketing Tip:

Do what you enjoy doing and what you do best!

Most marketing methods work to some extent;
otherwise, no one would be using them!

If you are good at talking on the phone, buy a
list of leads or search for phone numbers of home
business people on the Internet and call them.
Create a list of questions they may ask you or
statements they may say. Write a script or a
bulleted list to refer to. Having a quick comeback
to different scenarios projects confidence and
reassurance, making selling your product or
service much easier.

If you like to post ads on classified ads, get
creative and write catchy ads.

If you like standing outside the mall and
approaching people that walk by – if that’s your
style, do it!

If you are comfortable with public speaking,
consider having a web conference, Skype call or a
private event offline. Do that!

Take friends out for dinner, paying for the meal
with YOUR profits. Your friends will be curious
when you casually mention it. Do that!

If you like to secretly leave business cards
wherever you go, do that!

If you like to participate in forums, making
friends and leaving your contact information and
URL, do that!

If you like to blog, then blog!

Do not let someone to talk you into calling
people on the phone if you are not comfortable
doing it!

Get the idea?

Promote your business with ENERGY and PASSION!

We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.


To Your Success!

Ad Click Xpress Marketing Team

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