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Greetings Valentin!

Welcome to all of our New Members who
have joined ACX recently. We’re glad
you did.

ACX Members Can Earn an Amazing 8% Each Day!

As amazing as that sounds, ACX Members
are who purchase Ad or Media Packs will
actually earn 8% DSC per day.

This Variable DSC Rate increase to 8%
is a positive sign that the Ad and Media
Pack / Panel Systems are working perfectly.

ACX has your back!

At 8% DSC a day, the total 150% that
each Ad or Media Pack ultimately pays
out will take only 22 days to complete.

IMAGINE THAT!!! Just over three weeks
to earn 150%!!! WOW!!!


PLUS, these Members earn 300% on each
dollar they spend in the original Ad
Pack / Ad Panels System (Media System

And the Panel Systems have been improved
so Members can expedite their Panel Rebates
and earn the full 300% much quicker
than in past years.


Variable DSC Rate Program is Powerful!

For many Members, the Ad Pack / Ad Panel
Variable DSC Rates are VERY Exciting.

We COMPLETELY understand that. Earning
8% IS Amazing!


But it’s not for everyone.

The Monsoon System is for other people
who just want simple Daily Earnings of 2%.

Nothing to worry about. No Restarts, No
Panels, and No Variable DSC Rates.

Just 2% a Day… for Life!


We understand why so many Members have
chosen the MONSOON for their income
solution for the future.

It’s a Smart Move!

Each ACX Pay Systems has its good
points… and each one can be more
attractive than the others to each

That is the GREAT Thing about have
three pay systems… SOON Four with
ACX Search!

BUT… the MOST Important Thing to
Remember is that whichever pay plan
a YOU choose, you can rest assured
that several good things will happen:

  • DSC will ALWAYS increase with 30/70
    Rule (70% used to Repurchase packs)
  • The Ad and Media Systems will always
    be indefinitely sustainable because
    of the Restart Feature

  • The Monsoon Will Pay 2% for Life!

You decide according to your style and
risk level which pay system is right
for you.

ACX has it all! Something for Everyone!

Need Extra Cash?

Here is a new page that lists over
50 ways to save $100 a month! You
should check it out and save money
starting today!


The way to make money at ACX is to
spend whatever you can afford each day.

Fund Today and Start Making More Money!


ACX has several funding choices that

Credit Cards
and many more, all through our reliable
payment processors.

There is no reason not to be living
the life of your dreams. Let ACX help!

Always working for your success!

ACX Management Team