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Greetings Valentin!

Welcome to all the New Members. We are
glad you are on the ACX Team!

There really are NO Limits with the ACX
Monsoon System!


Did you know that in the Monsoon System
your Daily Sales Commissions (DSC) can
increase by two times in just 44 days?

It’s true!

If you Repurchase More Monsoon Packs with
100% of your DSC, in just over a month
your Daily Earnings will increase 200%!

So, if you start with $1,000 on day 1,
your Daily Earnings will be $20 a day.

Forty-four days later, your Monsoon
Pack Balance will be over $2,000!

AND… your Daily Earnings will be $40!

Pretty cool, right?

Keep doing this and your DSC will Double
every 44 days.

Just build it up until you can withdraw
an amount (30%) of what you want.

For example, keep Re-Purchasing and when
your DSC reaches $100 a day, start withdrawing
$30 a day… or about $1,000 a month!

The Sky’s the limit with the Monsoon.

BUT…. what if you started with $5,000?

Or maybe even $10,000?

You could have a nice monthly income
really soon!

Check out the Automatic Monsoon Calculator
to see how much YOU could earn each day:


Have some fun with this and DREAM BIG!

Imagine yourself earning $100s a day.

Imagine yourself living the life you have
hoped for all your life.

Today you CAN Begin a New Life…

… Earning 2% Per Day!


ACX is your chance to live life on your
terms. YOU Decide How Much Money to Make!

So…. how much do you want to earn?

Always working for your success!

ACX Management Team

ACX Money Monsoon