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Greetings Valentin!

Welcome to all our Newest Members.
We are glad you have found ACX.

Two POWERFUL Things are happening today!

That’s right, and these two things
can make you a LOT of money, so
pay especially close attention!

1) The Ad and Media Systems are
going to start paying 9% DSC. This
will allow YOU to make money even
faster then ever before!



2) The ability for YOU to become an
ACX Search “Founder” has been opened
to ALL ACX Members again… but


Make sure to take advantage of these
two important actions!


At the end of the coming week, soon
AFTER the last ACX Search “Founders”
spots are claimed, we’re expecting to
continue with the LAUNCH of ACX Search,
the system that EVERYONE has been
waiting for!

It’s going to be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING,
so get ready for it!

So… what should you do now?

1) Buy all the advertising you can

  • in the Ad and Media Systems,
    because you make back 150% in
    just 20 days!
  • in the Monsoon System, because
    you make 2% per life AND, if you
    fund with at least $500, you become
    an ACX Search Founder, which sets
    you up to earn your part of the
    Billions of Dollars expected to be
    earned in the ACX Search System, to
    be launched during the coming weeks!

AND, if you are sharing ACX,

2) Contact all your Referrals and let
them know about the important things
that are now happening!

It’s their chance to earn 150% in just
20 days, in the Ad and Media Systems…

… and YOU make 10% on every dollar
they spend on Ad and Media Packs!


It’s also their VERY LAST CHANCE to
secure part of the HUGE Earnings we
expect from ACX Search by becoming a

The NEW Founder’s Deadline will be
extended for about ONE WEEK ONLY!


Like before, your referrals can fund
their ACX Monsoon Accounts to become
ACX Search Founders – which will make
YOU 10% each time they do.

To qualify. they MUST fund at LEAST a
total of $500 during the coming week
to become a Founder!

Your ACX Referrals are all listed at
the following link:


Keep in mind that some of your Referrals
may have stopped reading E-mails coming
directly from ACX, so YOU need to email
them to inform them of what’s happening!

Have an AMAZING day at ACX!

Always working for your success!

ACX Management Team