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As we mentioned, it´s important that you activate your Tokens.

The bad news is, that even if we asked our customers many times to activate the Tokens, most oft he customers never did.

GetMyAds must make sure, people don´t join the Programm because of the PayBack programm like an Investment and so we must make sure, Tokens get used for advertising – the real reason, why you bought the Tokens.

If our call of action does not work, GetMyAds would come into the situaiton that we would need to force you to do it by taking out the inactive Tokens from the PayBack Programm. We don´t want to do this step and count now on you, the leaders and all affiliates who communicate this to all customers – as soon as possible!

Here a description, how to activate your Tokens:

  1. Login to your GetMyAds Backoffice
  2. If you don´t have an other Website, copy the link on the bottom right side of getmyads24.com Refaral Link. Choose the Refaral Link of your Language.

  3. Click on: „My Tokens“ on the left side in the Menue

  4. Click on: „Activate Traffic“ to the right of the Tokens

  5. Choose your Product – Cicks or Bannerviews

  6. Destination URL is your Website or your personal getmyads24.com (your Refaral link) starting with http://www…….

  7. Select Category – Business or MLM or Make money

  8. Select your language – the Language of your Website

  9. Choose, how many Tokens you like to activate. You can activate up to 1000 Tokens in one step

  10. Click on: „Validate“

GetMyAds will check your Domain and start sending Traffic after a few days. It might take a few days more in the moment till you receive Traffic but we are catching up fast in the moment.

Please forward this Info to your Teampartners as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Have a wonderful day


GetMyAds Team

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