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Published on Nov 10, 2015
About empowr

empowr is an experiment–a partnership between academia and tech entrepreneurs that’s attempting to deliver a democratized social media experience where the company is governed by its citizens.

The company’s patented platform aims to provide economic opportunities for its citizens and return 97 percent of company revenues to them. empowr’s approach to achieving this is by democratizing the core elements of social media: user interface/design, advertising and marketplace, as well as the company’s governance, leadership and profits.

After seven years of research, development and testing with 100,000 citizens in its ‘closed alpha’ phase, empowr has recently launched its ‘open alpha’ phase, which will allow its citizen population to grow to 1,000,000 before it’s official beta opening in 2017.

For more on empowr, visit http://www.empowr.com

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