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We cannot say it often enough. Make sure your GetMyAds account is safe by having a good and unique password and also make sure your computer is free of any spy-ware. Never give anybody your password – our support will never ask you for your password. Take it seriously because we had again a few hacked accounts – these hackers request payouts and since GetMyAds is pretty fast on that, sometimes the money is sent before the user can realize it.

As regards affiliate commissions, we can always announce  newly updated information. GetMyAds will be making this month more than 9000 payouts with a total volume of over

4 million dollars.

We are sure you understand that we always do our best to handle everything absolutely on time but with these huge numbers there are sometimes insignificant delays, 97% of all payments is sent on time – in more or less then a week. The rest is simply human error , nothing we can do about it. Even we in GetMyAds are just humans who work hard but often we make mistakes.

We can assure you that we will make more mistakes in the future. We are honest- this is normal. The best you can do to support GetMyAds is to be patient with posting things in social media that others read negatively .

Pretty often we see posts about “Missing Payments“ of people who receive commissions 2 days after but the damage has already been done. You harm your own business if you have some doubts that you will get paid and make this a public issue.

If you have any serious problem, we have a great support team. Please do expect that it might take a bit of time to fix it but we will fix every single problem. Also keep in mind our support team are humans like you and me… they make mistakes like you and me so do not blame them! They do a hard job to keep GetMyAds running. Most importantly, what you need to know is: GetMyAds will fix it!