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We have already mentioned it  in every newsletter that it is important that you activate your tokens. It is also important that our customers understand what they bought, what you sold to them and what they can do with tokens. The conflict we have is that in some countries GetMyAds is growing so fast that it is not allowed to pay any bonus on a product that the customer did not claim. For instance, if you buy a token, it just means that you went into a store, bought and paid for it but if you do not activate the token, you technically left it back in the store. In other words, you did not claim the product and this can cause legal issues which we could have avoided.

This is an issue in some countries and in order to make GetMyAds a stable company in the long-run, we must force you to claim the product you bought and thus remove inactive tokens from the Payback Program.

Please do not misunderstand that, it just means that your Payback program will start as soon you have activated your token. The 600 days will start the moment you activate your token. It is that simple – nothing else will change. Just activate your tokens and everything will be fine.