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We find at the moment a lot of advertising with wrong promises in videos, blogs and on websites. These are promises about percentages and advertising on investment websites with displayed calculations and the like.

Please remove this information right now from the internet if you have any kind of videos, social-media groups or other channels that make GetMyAds look like an investment program which is absolutely not the case at all.

If anybody continues to advertise with anything that is related to investments, we will suspend his/her account and the chances that we re-open it are very slim because it is very counter-productive for GetMyAds if it continues to tolerate affiliates who are doing illegal advertising. Therefore, remove the content right now if you have anything online that is related to investments in GetMyAds. Please notify all concerned in your team right NOW!

You all do a great job. We do not need to make wrong promises to convince customers to join our great business! So let us work together, find and root out the ‘black sheep’ in our community to ensure GetMyAds will continue growing!

We wish you all a successful week!


GMA Team

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