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GetMyAds was build to be a Traffic Network and we have to admit that we were not prepared to issue even more money transactions than some small private banks do. But somehow we managed to fight the challenges we had to face and we really appreciate your patience with us. Thank you very much.

We have an error rate of about 0,5% in our payout system. Out of more than 12.000 payments we have issued in the past 4 weeks, about 600 payments were declined. These errors occurred due to human errors and we deeply apologize for these inconveniences. We know that if you are affected by this, it requires a lot of patience from you but we promise to fix the missing payments this week. We made massive improvements now, tested all possible scenarios the past week and we are glad to say that until Monday night more than 3 Million Dollars are on the way to you.

To lower the number of transactions we switched now to a bi-weekly payout model. This will help a lot to catch up faster with new payment requests. For countries outside SEPA we increased the amount per payout on Payeer to 200,- USD for every 2 weeks and we worked on solutions for all Affiliates located in countries where wire transfer issues are still occurring.

We are also testing BitCoins as an additional payout solution but it requires more time to lay the technical foundation for this new and exciting payout method. We know that many of you would welcome BTC as a payout option but we also must be technically prepared for it to ensure that this payout method works smoothly and without any issues once rolled out. We really appreciate your patience with us!