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As you know, we never carry challenges and issues to the public. It ́s very complex sometimes and would just confuse our teams. We just can say that the last few months were really tough and it was very hard to hire the right experts to solve all that issues. We had a lot of pressure and had to deal with Banks, Governments and other institutions.

The result was a big mess with the payouts and some of you still are affected by this mess. We do our best to fix everything even over the holidays. None of our staff has a single day off during the christmas time – we work nonstop for you!

But we also know that no matter how hard we work – it ́s not the solution and so we hired a team of experts from the banking business with combined more than 77 years of experience with banking and financing. They brought completely new solutions on board to manage the huge amounts of money we have to deal with in GMA every day.

We are also working on a deal with one of the biggest companies to get a new wallet into our system that will have no limits like we have in Payeer at the moment. This will be ready in February and solve the Payout challenges fast.

At the moment we know that some of you still have to be patience but we are working on it. In February we think that we will integrate the new and very exciting solution that will carry us into a successful future. As soon we have the exact date and details, we will update you on that.

Till then our teams do between 1.100 and 1.700 payouts every single day. So even if some Payout ID ́s are in the line for a while we can assure you that it will be paid soon.