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The biggest challenge we have is the number of payments. We see that Affiliates request like 2.000 USD by wire transfer every 2 weeks and also 2x 75,- USD on Payeer – a move that just produces work on our side and does not make sense at all.

We limited now everything to 2 payouts per month in total so we can lower the number of transactions. Since we solved almost all challenges in Turkey, we limited Payeer to 300,- USD every 2 Weeks and because we see more and more Affiliates joining in countries where we have a hard time with wire transfer, we increased the Payeer payout outside SEPA to 300,- USD every 2 weeks and we will have a final solution without any limits ready in February.

We don’t want to promise too much but we know that the situation at the moment requests a lot of patience from you – we really work hard on a solution that will cover all countries worldwide without limit and that are in a normal range.