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We wish you a happy new year fulfilled with health, wealth and happiness. Let ́s make 2017 together to our best year ever!
We have some great news today to share with our affiliates – with you!

Of course, it’s not a secret that we currently have to face some challenges with the huge number of payments that have to be processed every day at the moment. For example, we had to process over 40.000 payouts to our Affiliates from all over the world between February 2016 and November 2016. Only in December 2016 we had more than 45.000 payments to handle.

This means that we had more payouts to process in one single month than the whole year before. Unfortunately some banks refused to take payments from our payment processor and so we had much more work than expected. This happened for example in countries like Turkey, Austria and Germany. We really want to apologize for these issues.

Our great news: We have been working during the past weeks to solve this problem. Especially for Turkey we are very proud to tell you that the mass-payments are working well and a few thousand payments will be processed during the next days.