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we would like to give you a quick update about the ongoing processes in our company.

At first, we want to let you know that our new traffic sources are very good and the delivery time is really fast now. Of course here and there we have some tokens that we have to catch up but we are doing this very fast.

But we have some more great news for you: GMA is now under the top 500 websites worldwide in the alexa.com ranking. This fact predicts a really great future for us, because no network or affiliate company ever was able to reach this before. One more time we want to thank you really much for your esteemed support. This is your personal achievement and we would not be there where we are now without your partnership! Thank you so much!

New Wallet – We will be ready on time!

In January 2017 we made more than 40.000 commission payouts with an over all volume of more than 14 million USD. But to be honest, unfortunately we were not able to catch up as many payouts as we wanted. Please be sure that we are working really hard on it and we will be ready with the new E-Wallet for payouts during the first week of February.

What does a new wallet mean? What is it? How will it work?

As we know you may have dozens of questions about our new wallet system. Please be sure that we will answer them all step by step. Most of you are used to e-wallets already by using Payeer or ADVcash for example. These are mainly like online bank accounts where you are able to store your money.

Now we have chosen a partner company that most of you may don’t know. So we kindly want to ask you to be patient, because as soon as we tell our community the name of the company, more than 100.000 customers will run into this bank and open their accounts just in the first weeks. We hope that you understand about the importance of coordinating all our partners with this new company and that this process will take some time. You absolutely need to trust us in this case, because we are working every day really hard to organize this procedure.

With the new wallet system, you will have the option to generate a personal virtual credit card. You can use this virtual credit card right away for online shopping. But you will also have the opportunity to generate a real high quality plastic MasterCard that you can use in millions of stores and ATM’s all around the world.

Of course, you can also send your available balance to your personal bank account using wire transfer and also send funds to other users who use the same kind of wallet.

Once we successfully moved to the new wallet system, we won’t offer other kind of payout options anymore. This will be the only way to handle the big number of daily transactions. We hope that you understand that are working really hard to handle the big number of daily transactions and we are doing our best to ensure you will always get you payouts on time in the future!

The only issue we cannot avoid in the beginning are some limits of payouts that are given to us be the bank. But please be sure that those limits will be released during

the first 6 to 8 weeks after starting with the new wallet system. A limit means that every new account is limited in receiving new amounts which means that also the amount of a payout will be limited during the first couple of weeks. At the moment we are negotiating with the bank and still positive that only a few affiliates will be affected by those limits. We are really sorry for that but please be sure that most of you won’t be affected by these issues what’s really good news.

You will receive a link to open your personal e-wallet during the first weeks of February 2017 with your personal instructions how to sign up, get verified and how to receive payouts from GMA and other networks. Please also help other members and your partners to get used to this new wallet system so that the process will be faster and easier for us all.

Questions about ongoing payments and pending requests

We will continue catching up with all pending payments and continue working hard on all outstanding payments. You don ́t need to cancel payments or do anything else.

We really appreciate your patience and support! Thank you very much!

In only 2 weeks, GetMyAds will celebrate the first birthday of the PayBack program. This will exactly be on February 8th 2017. For this reason, we will soon start a new competition to make the 2nd year even better than the year before.

With your esteemed partnership, your never-ending support, your power, your positive energy and your engagement, we all will write history and be part of a brighter future with GMA.

We wish you a wonderful day and a successful week!

Your GetMyAds Team