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with this special newsletter we would like to give you a quick update today before we send you the big update in the upcoming days.

Today is the birthday of the GetMyAds PayBack program!

The last business year was full of ups and downs, but we managed everything together and grew from a small advertising company to the biggest and most innovative network on the market. Now we are really proud on the fact that we have more than 280,000 active members from more than 120 countries all over the world.

Together we were able to manage every challenge we had during the past!

Your personal support and esteemed partnership is why GetMyAds sold more than 5 million Tokens and paid out more than 50 million USD in commissions that created top income earners and income millionaires. During the past year we ran really huge campaigns and we can proudly say that our media teams are doing an incredible job every single day promoting our affiliate programs and managing traffic for you.

Thank you very much for your commitment and your strong partnership! We are looking forward to another successful year with you!