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today is a very important day for our business! GetMyAds is growing very fast – we achieved now 300.000 members in more than 120 countries all around the world and our daily sales are increasing every week.

The most important current update is the integration of a new e-wallet solution so that we can handle all commission payouts as fast as you are used to it from the past.

Information about MyMercuryCard and how to get paid logo-mmc-dark

The new e-wallet that can be used from now on for your commission payout is https://mymercurycard.com – side note: Mercury is the Roman god of financial gain.

Because of the massive volume of GetMyAds members there was no way around a payout limit per customer during the first few weeks. We tried to negotiate really hard with the bank and the owners, but please understand that we cannot just enter a bank like a “normal customer that gets a private bank account with such a high volume of GetMyAds members.

We still try to increase the limit for payouts for everybody as fast as possible. Now the actual limit for your first request using MyMercuryCard will be 1,000.00 USD and you will get payed within 4 business days. Based on the volume we will try to increase the limits and make it possible for you to make the 2nd payout request by March 1st without any limit.

Please open your free „Personal Account“ at: https://mymercurycard.com

Because of the fact that thousands of affiliates will open their accounts at the same time, please be patient with their support team. They now have to handle many questions and also do the validation of the accounts with personal documents. This may take a few days more than expected at the moment. But please be sure that this is just temporary.

Important information: You can ́t just validate the account with your documents at the moment. Please just wait with this process until you get a request to upload your documents when you login. This is because of the huge number of new registrations at the moment. We want to thank you very much for your patience in advance and please be sure that the MyMercuryCard support team is working really hard to fix everything.

Information about the wire transfers that are „in process“

Our first priority now is paying everybody with the new e-wallet system (MMC), because this is the only way to get back to the daily business as usual. Even with the limits now, most of the affiliates will receive their commissions punctual and we are working to find also a solution for the leaders who earn more than the temporary limit on MMC.

As soon as the process with MMC is working well and smooth, we will get back and catch up with the wire transfers. But now we cannot promise you the exact date of the payouts by wire transfer. But please trust us: We are doing our best and work really hard to get everything fixed as soon as possible!

We really recommend you not to use wire transfer anymore and focus on the MMC system. It won’t be a long time until we will get the limits increased or completely remove them. The

fewer payouts by wire transfer will be done – the easier we can handle payouts through the new MMC system!
We will keep you updated in the next days about the processes and hope to post more good news soon!

Have a successful week!

Your GMA Team