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Greetings Valentin !

Your Solid Trust Pay withdrawal request for $6.91
has been sent to your payment processor!

Your Member ID: 4759771
Payment Processor: Solid Trust Pay ( Valentin Jalba )
Reference Number: 999

Be sure to tell everyone you can about
your withdrawal – and ACX even pays you
big money, up to $500 for one post to do it!!!

Details at the following URL:

Member Support
Ad Click Xpress
Dear Valentin Jalba,

Greetings from SolidTrust Pay.

You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as your receipt.

  • From STPay member: adclickxpress (owner@adclickxpress.com)
  • Transaction Number: 30007675297
  • Amount: $6.91
  • Currency: USD
  • Note (if provided): Ad Click Xpress Withdraw #4759771-2704
  • Transaction Fees: $0.35

Thank you for your business. Should you require further assistance in this matter, please visit our Help Centre.

NOTE: When another SolidTrust Pay member sends funds to you, they appear instantly. If you do not receive them instantly, then the funds have not been sent (or have been sent improperly).  If you believe this to be the case, you must contact the sender.  You will always get an email from SolidTrust Pay when someone sends you funds – no email means no money sent!

Thank you for using SolidTrust Pay – your money, your way!

Customer Support Department

LIVE CHAT : Mon to Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm EST

24/7 Ticket Submission : http://stpay.info