Imagine a community…

built on trust,
working towards a sustainable future
where people help each other and
where benefits are shared by all.

A different approach

We are committed to Democracy, Sharing, Sustainability and Justice

We are a democracy — our citizens elect the company’s leadership.

We return profits to the citizens who create value in the community.

We encourage sustainability by providing a marketplace that gives your old stuff a new life.

We aim to help half the planet earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025.


Why We Built empowr.com
The Experiment to Democratize Social Media

From a co-founder of empowr.com comes this much anticipated book, telling the “Why?” story behind the massive social platform, empowr.com, that’s been in the making for nearly fifteen years. Learn exactly what drove the participants (founders, advisors, success coaches and 1,000 employees plus 100,000 alpha test users) in their gigantic moonshot project.


After meticulously discussing the “Why?” the author then delves into how empowr has been designed to exploit the exponential characteristics of the web – via its tightly-integrated democratic, economic and educational platform – to deliver opportunity to people everywhere.

The book reads like a manifesto and a manual. One can’t help but come away anxious for the launch of empowr.com. You’ll also walk away with newfound or elevated inspiration to dream big, take on your own moonshot project and make a massive difference on the planet.

Available on amazon.com


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