SolidTrust Pay

SolidTrust Pay Affiliate Program an excellent income opportunity for you!


Introduce SolidTrust Pay to others and earn CASH for your referrals.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 1000, you get paid as soon as your affiliate uses their account AND for as long as they have an account. There is no limit to how much YOU can earn!

Compensation Plan

Level Commission*
1 1%
2 1%
* % of fees paid

NOTE – commissions are NOT paid on transfers to other members or credit card deposits.

WARNING – SPAM will not be tolerated. The account of any member using spam will be closed without warning and all monies lost.

Commissions are paid INSTANTLY each time a member in your downline moves funds in or out of their account. To introduce another individual to SolidTrust Pay, provide them with your Affiliate Link listed below. If they click on the link and signup, you will see them instantly added to your downline.

Your downline is 2 levels deep, allowing you to earn from your referral’s referrals as well!

affiliate link:

SolidTrust Pay


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